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beauty of ocean creatures at its finest. Great pics.


Filmed and produced in less than 48 hours, this short film is centered around different species of birds acting naturally in their habitat. Whether in flight, asleep or feeding, native birds will always continue to follow their instincts. There is no possibilities of telling what they are going to do next or how they are going to react to human activity. This simply unpredictable behavior is what draws me in and captures my eye. I will also continue to follow my instincts and document them as much as they will let me. When nature calls and I will always have an answer.

“The Journey is the Destination.”

Click the link below to watch

“Birds of a Feather”

a film by

KC Goshert

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timely post for Valentines. By the way any newly “Maps of the Human Heart” made on our time?


Heart-shaped maps are one thing, but maps of the human heart are quite another, and I’ve got both on this Valentine’s Day.  The charting of emotional territory, as opposed to physical space, has resulted in the production of several interesting maps from the seventeenth century to the near-present.  Below are the companion Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart and Map of the Fortified Country of a Man’s Heart, ostensibly and anonymously drawn “by a lady” and published by the Kellogg Brothers of Hartford, Connecticut in the 1830s.  These heart maps, along with lots of other examples of the Kellogg’s impressive lithography, can be viewed at the online gallery of the Connecticut Historical Society and Museum.

I’ve brightened and cropped both maps so that you can better see the different regions that make up these human hearts. It’s very interesting that the woman’s heart is an “open”…

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